It’s been an odd year at the allotment. January and February started with preparing the raised beds for spring planting. March saw the Princes Trust ‘Team 53’ build an accessible ramp to the plot in the communal area. Then there was LOCKDOWN!!

Seeds were still set, onion, tomato, melon, kale, potatoes, peas, corgette, broad beans and string beans. Glorious weather in March, April and May quickly saw the seeds grow. Sunflower, sweetpeas and poppie seeds were planted to bring colour to the plot. Strawberries were in abundance, a large punnet was take to a member who had been in hospital. No one knew how long the lockdown would last for but the plants didn’t seem to care, they grew regardless in the hope that everyone would be able to enjoy the sight.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. I wonder if the plants knew they were not being admired? Did it hurt their feelings? Headway TV kept everyone in touch with the seasons and hopefully brought the outside inside for those who were sheilding.

June, July and August consisted of sunshine and heavy showers. It was hard to keep up with it. It confused the plants and some failed to thrive. September saw the star of the building of the sensory garden. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch will be incorporated into the quiet corner. The added solar water feature will give the area a relaxing and tranquil feeling.

October, November and December will see repairs to the beds and refreshing paintwork.

We look forward to seeing

everyone in 2021,

the allotment has missed you all.