Locked in Syndrome

The 2016 Law Festival were thrilled to have Kate Allatt as their key note speaker. Kate, Extraordinary Woman 2011 (former marketing expert and patient), recovered from Locked In Syndrome after a brainstem stroke, aged 39. She felt completely invisible as she lay unable to give any signal that she could understand what was going on around her.


Kate was eventually able to think, feel and see normally but was completely powerless to move any part of her body, except her eyelids. At 2016 Law Festival she told her incredible story, and described how she felt she had “woken in her own coffin”, and made a slow but determined recovery, challenging all those along the way who said she needed to lower her expectations.


She now believes there are “no promises, just possibilities” in stroke recovery, but that self-belief, visualisation and motivation are absolutely critical, as she has seen with countless locked-in syndrome patients she has mentored back to recovery and/or unexpected improved health outcomes.

She was the founder and CEO of the global digital media trust Fighting strokes Inspire Empower Progress Influence. She is an internationally published author of “Running Free – Breaking Out of Locked in Syndrome.”

Kate is an inspirational TEDx speaker, experienced coach and mentorĀ http://www.kateallatt.com/