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As with most great achievements, it all began with a simple idea. Why don’t we organise a fundraising Triathlon? Yes, and why not. We don’t do things by halves do we. We were in the early stages of developing a relationship with the 315 Health Club in Lancaster as a way for our members to improve their health and wellbeing.

Look how far we’ve come!

Now in our third year of subsidising gym memberships, it has been a great success so far. What better way to share this success, than in the words of some of our regulars. It really does speak for itself.

Leanne Walker

Back Story: Encephalitis causing memory loss, low self-esteem and low confidence

How being part of 315 Gym has helped me.
Hi I’m Leanne Walker. 18 years ago when I was at University, I was struck down with Encephalitis. It wiped my memory and left me with a 30 second memory span which meant that for many years I would only go to places with my mum. I struggled to remember faces and I couldn’t remember who I knew and didn’t know. Six years ago I joined the Headway Lancaster and Morecambe Bay group and this really helped to build my confidence. The group had decided with the support of the 3-1-5 Health Club in Lancaster to do a group Triathlon fundraiser based at the Club and I got involved with the swimming. One of the instructors called KJ really took me under her wing and told me that in time she would get me doing the Great North Swim. I really didn’t believe her, but through her support and the encouragement of the group I have just swum my 4th Great North Swim.

I have now raised in excess of £3000 over the past 4 years. Headway Lancaster and Morecambe Bay have been brilliant and through their gym subsidy it has enabled me to attend the gym regularly both with the Headway Group and now by myself. I have made new friends and my confidence has really grown.

Catherine Erdal

Back Story: Electric wheelchair user with limited mobility, reduced Speech

How being part of 315 Gym has helped me.
A lot, my god I was fat. I was encouraged to go by everyone at Headway. Gemma my Carer and friend helped me I need someone to open doors for me and help me with the lift getting in and out of the pool. After going for the first time it gave me an idea and I became determined to carry on going.

Being in the pool supported by water aids, woggles and floats enabled me to relax, feel peace and contented I can do stretching exercises and put my weight on my legs. I have become surprisingly slimmer, lost weight started to walk a little with aids and have more energy. I am able to tidy up my home now and not get tired and I look forward to the gym.
Amazing staff very friendly, the cleaners are helpful and encouraging too.

I would like to use the gym independently I know that progress is slow but I am determined to get there with the help of Headway and 315. Encouragement and compliments from everyone even people who use the gym has encouraged me to speak more but it’s a slow process it is still poor after not being able to speak for 6 months which was frightening.

Warren Veale

Back Story: Poor mobility, unable to use hands low motivation, short concentration span

How being part of 315 Gym has helped me.
My wife Molly is the key to it all, she helps me keep motivated
I go at least twice a week and meet friends.

Going to the gym has helped me lose weight which has helped me be more active . I can do 8 minutes on the cross trainer which has improved my balance and am now practicing walking with big steps not shuffling as molly use to say. The gym machines help me keep focused .

Sandy is our instructor she fill us all with confidence doing walking and exercises in the pool gives me the confidence that if I fall all I will make is a splash I can now swim two strokes underwater which helps with my leg arm coordination .
Makes me see how important it is to get out of the house see the world and get away from the TV

Oliver at 315 gave me a woggle to help my hands.

Lee a trainer at 315 has become a good friend I am envious of his physic
It has created order in my life and I can remember everything I need to take with me to the gym . It has given me confidence and I feel safe to talk to people I don’t know and ask for help from them like opening the door and passing me things. It has increased my social circle too.

Help to support us with our Gym Membership Subsidy

We need to raise £5000 a year to support our members.

There are many ways you can get involved from offering lifts, making a donation or participating in an event on our behalf.

Sponsor one of our Members by becoming a Gym Buddy

With our memberships secured for 2020 we hope to take our efforts to the next level by encouraging individual members to push the boundaries in their own right. To this end we hope to secure individual sponsorships for their 2021 annual 3-1-5 Health Club Memberships.

The aim is to link up with a range of different organisations so that members can take ownership of their personal progress, in the knowledge that they are representing their personal sponsor every time they attend the gym. Each member will be given two distinctive polo shirts bearing the Headway logo on the front and their own name and sponsoring organisation on the back.

If you think that you can help, please get in touch via our Contact Us page

Check out our fundraising page for more information